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Custom Made Silk Suits

Retro themed parties, Vintage Couture Weddings and Rock and Roll Style Events.  

If you have been invited to a themed event, or you are hosting one, Malcolm Hall can provide a glamorous outfit for you to dazzle your family and friends, either with custom made silk suits, custom made outfit or even choosing an outfit to hire.

Malcolm hall can design an exclusive outfit especially for you in a silk brocade or beautiful velvet, available in one hundred colours, Malcolm Hall prides himself on his creations. He is renowned for his unique designs and collections and has designed for a variety of famous celebrities.

To Hire

Malcolm hall outfits are not just available to purchase but also to hire. Therefore if you are attending or hosting a one-time event and wish to stand out with one of Malcolm Hall's high quality silk suits you can do so without having to buy it.

Browse Collection

With a large range of custom made Silk Suits and Gowns to view on the Style Gallery pages on the Malcolm Hall website, there are many examples of Malcolm's work and we hope you may find an outfit that you would wish to hire, or that will inspire ideas for you to have one custom made for your special occasion.

If you feel that his designs are what you are looking for to Wow your friends and family, please contact Malcolm Hall on 07890224240 or email for further information.

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