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Celebrate this epic filled era with our Retro 1970’s suits

Historic moments in the 1970’s


  • Apollo 13 - The spacecraft which was intended to be the third to land on the moon had to abort the mission due to an oxygen tank exploding aboard. The astronauts landed safely back on earth in the South Pacific Ocean on April 17th, 1970.


  • The Beatles - In 1970 the much loved band ‘The Beatles’ announced its break up after releasing their final album “Let it Be”.


  • Disney World - The year of 1971 saw the much anticipated opening of Walt Disney’s World, which cost an estimated $400 million to build.


  • The Godfather - At the academy awards in March 1973 this timeless film won several awards including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.


  • Making history at Vogue - In 1974, Beverly Johnson made history when she became the first african american model to appeal on the cover of Vogue magazine.


  • Apple Technology - Apple computers introduced its first home computer in 1977, leading the way to how we use technology today.


  • Elvis Presley - This year was marked by the shocking death of the world’s Rock n Roll legend who died on August 6th 1977.


  • Disco Music - During the year of 1977 the popular film “Saturday Night Fever” was released which saw the nation fall in love with disco music.

Are you celebrating a special occasion or want to have a themed wedding which celebrates this fun filled era? We have a range of retro 1970’s suits available for you to choose from, simply visit the gallery on our website to take a look at the styles we have on offer for you.

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