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Malcolm Hall Glam Rock Suits

Malcolm Hall is a London based fashion designer who began his business in the 1970’s designing custom made silk suits for his Celebrity Clientele. He is still producing exquisite collections for weddings, special occasions and 1970’s vintage couture themed events.

Throughout his career (which expands 5 decades), he has designed and produced Glam Rock outfits for many of the world renowned Rock Legends of the 1960’s/ 70’s.

Many of the celebrity clients that Malcolm Hall’s glam rock suits have been created for have been in the music industry. Such celebrities include:

  • David Bowie - Who donned a Malcolm Hall suit to add to his glam rock look.
  • Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page, a member of Led Zeppelin, has been known to wear Malcolm Hall glam rock suits. One of the suits designed by Malcolm Hall, was ivory coloured satin material. This suit was worn by Jimmy Page during one of his performances. 
  • ABBA - They performed for the audience at the 1974 Eurovision song contest, during which time they were wearing Malcolm Hall glam rock suits. Bjӧm and Benny wore Malcolm Hall suits whilst filming the video for the ‘Waterloo’ album.

These are just a few of the celebrities that have chosen to wear Malcolm Hall glam rock suits during their performances. The style of the suits reflected the 1970’s era that these designs and music icons were part of and the ability to have them custom made meant that each artist could have a suit tailor-made for their character.

If you would like more information on the Malcolm Hall glam rock suits or the purchasing or hiring a custom made suit from Malcolm Hall for your special occasion, then contact us on: 07890 224240 or email us at: .

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