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Content surrounding the Malcolm Hall’s custom made silk suits can provide you with all the information you need about how you can buy or rent a custom made silk suit designed by Malcolm Hall. If you would like further information on the types of suits, styles and options available, keep up to date with the blogs and visit Malcolm Hall’s website today.

Custom Made designer silk suits

Celebrities are often seen with custom made designer silk suits, but did you know that Malcolm Hall has created designer silk suits for a variety of celebrities and musicians since he started his own fashion label in 1972?Celebrities who have worn Malcolm Hall clothing have included:Paul McCartneyBrian EnoIan Hunter of Mott the HoopleBill Wyman of…
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Custom Made Silk Suits

Retro themed parties, Vintage Couture Weddings and Rock and Roll Style Events.  If you have been invited to a themed event, or you are hosting one, Malcolm Hall can provide a glamorous outfit for you to dazzle your family and friends, either with custom made silk suits, custom made outfit or even choosing an outfit to hire.Malcolm…
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